02 June 2010

Off FB (to my friends)

Hello -

I deactivated my Facebook account again because it was proving too interesting and time-consuming! (Can't you all start leading less interesting lives?) I'm also troubled by various privacy issues, but that's really secondary.

"Deactivated" is really a misnomer; all one needs to do is log back in again. So, if this FB-vacuum is too much for me to take, I'll just return. But in the meantime, you all know where you can find me.


Glendalys said...

Miss you at FB already!! :-)

DDB said...

I also miss you. I feel like we see more of each other on FB than real life! Commmme baaaaccckkkk

G-Fav said...

:-( The feeling's mutual! But try a little experiment. Deactivate for one full day. "Reactivate" (which is actually just logging back on). FB looked different to me, somehow, after that.