27 July 2010

3-D without glasses: Class 1 of 3 on autostereoscopic displays (free, YouTube)

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Stereoscopic cinema looks wonderful, in my opinion, and it was built on about 150 years of technology to bring it to where it is today. Regardless, some folks ask "when will we have 3-D without glasses?" Picky, picky!

Autostereoscopic 3-D displays allow you to perceive 3-D images without additional eyewear, a topic I've studied since 1988 (shudder!). Want to learn more about that? I worked with my employer, Optics for Hire (OFH, Arlington, Mass.) to create a three-course series on YouTube (in 10-minute segments) and authorSTREAM (in their entirety):

  1. (available now) The fundamentals of "seeing in 3-D," including monoscopic and stereoscopic depth cues. What's physically possible today, and what's definite trickery? How much underlying electro-optical oomph is needed for 3-D?

  2. Definitions of autostereoscopic. Broad overview of many autostereoscopic displays, from parallax barrier systems (like the Nintendo 3DS) to volumetric and holographic displays.

  3. Lightfield displays using whole-view scanning and piecemeal lightfield reconstruction.

OFH is releasing the classes over a period of several months to our friends (we like to educate our customers and prospects rather than inundate them with junk mailers).

Class 1 is available whole (authorSTREAM), or Class 1a, 1b, and 1c (YouTube).

I'm looking forward to announcing classes 2 and 3 because they have a lot more meat, but some of the stuff in class 1 might strike you as new and surprising.



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