19 January 2011

Optics career profiled in Boston Globe

Hi -

Writer Cindy Atoji profiled me for a piece in the Boston Globe as part of her series regarding people with unusual jobs. I work at Optics for Hire, which helps its clients invent and improve optics-based products. What, that's unusual? Doesn't everyone work on secret projects for Fortune 500 companies who need interesting combinations of lenses, transistors, and precision-machined metal?

"Optics inventor has eye for new technology," Boston.com Job Doc (18-Jan-2011).

In the piece, I mention a few things about 3-D (as in, 3-D movies, 3-D television, and holographic video). Technologists interested in that topic ought to check out January's big conference in that space: SPIE-IS&T Stereoscopic Displays & Applications.


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Brenda Allen said...

I'm somewhat interested in the holographic video. That's sounds great. Can it be used in a bookstore?