25 March 2011

Fix incorrect album art on iPod Touch / how-to

There are complaints that a 2010 iPod software update is related to incorrect artwork appearing for some songs on iPod Touch. This solution (from rockmyplimsoul Jul 28 2009) worked for me, which I found after much searching.

How to repair: Wrong artwork showing up for some iPod songs on iPod screen

This appears to be only a temporary solution. For me, the problem crept back in after a few weeks.

[NOTE: This method will lose any assignment you have set of "checked" and "unchecked" songs. At the end of this process, all songs will be "checked."]
  1. Connect iPod to computer & sync
  2. Click Devices > (your iPod)
  3. In OPTIONS, make sure that "Sync only checked songs and videos" is CHECKED
  4. Click Library > Music
  5. Click any song name
  6. Press Ctrl-A to select all songs
  7. Right click & pick "uncheck selection" (all songs will be unchecked)
  8. Sync (this will remove all songs from your iPod)
  9. Click any song name
  10. Press Ctrl-A to select all songs
  11. Right click & pick "check selection" (all songs will become checked)
  12. Sync (this will load all songs back into your iPod - it will take a long time)
  13. Comment here to let the readers know if this method worked or not
DISCLAIMER: Use this at your own risk. I am not responsible for you losing any music. Etc., etc.