25 March 2011

Fix incorrect album art on iPod Touch / how-to

There are complaints that a 2010 iPod software update is related to incorrect artwork appearing for some songs on iPod Touch. This solution (from rockmyplimsoul Jul 28 2009) worked for me, which I found after much searching.

How to repair: Wrong artwork showing up for some iPod songs on iPod screen

This appears to be only a temporary solution. For me, the problem crept back in after a few weeks.

[NOTE: This method will lose any assignment you have set of "checked" and "unchecked" songs. At the end of this process, all songs will be "checked."]
  1. Connect iPod to computer & sync
  2. Click Devices > (your iPod)
  3. In OPTIONS, make sure that "Sync only checked songs and videos" is CHECKED
  4. Click Library > Music
  5. Click any song name
  6. Press Ctrl-A to select all songs
  7. Right click & pick "uncheck selection" (all songs will be unchecked)
  8. Sync (this will remove all songs from your iPod)
  9. Click any song name
  10. Press Ctrl-A to select all songs
  11. Right click & pick "check selection" (all songs will become checked)
  12. Sync (this will load all songs back into your iPod - it will take a long time)
  13. Comment here to let the readers know if this method worked or not
DISCLAIMER: Use this at your own risk. I am not responsible for you losing any music. Etc., etc.



Anonymous said...

Damn - My problem was the worst! But finally i have a solution - awesome stuff man!!!

dskmb said...

YES!!! Finally. As well i have been dealing with this issue on my iPhone4 for a couple months as well, but not any longer. THANX for posting the fix !!!

Dasan 888 said...

I have found it also works to restore the iPhone completely from a back-up. Also very time-consuming, and the wrong album art problem will creep back up after a few weeks.

Hopefully Apple is fixing this in iOS5

Anonymous said...

thanks for the help. It works.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much. I'm horrible with computers so this was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH I still dont know if I did it correctly but it worked omg this is amazing this has been bugging me so much thz you

Anonymous said...


fusion55 said...

Unfortunately, this happened to me in iOS 5. Apple please fix this in the next software update.

Anonymous said...

album artwork was fine but when it went to the ipod it just was completely wrong wtf

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is awesome! it worked

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much, of course the album pictures didn't really matter but it really bothered me. It bothered me to the point where I just HAD to fix it. Thankyou so much.

jorge said...

thanx man

Anonymous said...

I think this happens when you pause the song at 0.00 seconds left (just as it is about to finish. I had this problem just after I did that.

Anonymous said...

It worked for me and i'm glad because listening to Chris Brown and looking at a Jill Scott. Thanks, dude!

Paul Jimenez said...

thank you so much!!!