27 May 2011

Gregg's List, or Shibboleths: Sound Like an Expert in Any Field!

Howdy -

Does your field have a phrase or two which folks use in the hopes that they'll be perceived as an expert? Or, put less snobbishly, what words help you determine if someone's an expert?

Wonder no more! Don't tell anyone - here's a super-secret list of shibboleths for every field. Well, maybe 10 fields. With your help we can round this out.

Autostereoscopic Display Engineering
  • they're getting so much view-aliasing outside the sweet-spot
  • [+5 points] I can't believe they're still spatially-multiplexing, how 1908!
Chef, fancy-dancy
  • coulis
Computer Scientist
  • order log N
  • obviously NP-complete
Entrepreneur, ca. 1998
  • sticky portal with p13n
Entrepreneur, ca. 2011
  • obviously fail fast, and then pivot
Executives who were Once Engineers
  • not really impedance-matched to the customer
Investment Banker
  • they didn't get the optics right on the investment thesis
Optical Engineer
  • That NA will be tough with that fiber
  • ...can squeeze all the etendue out
Physicist, applied
  • Hexagonal close-pack
  • condensate
  • it's normative
Stereoscopic Cinema: engineer
  • obviously too much crosstalk
  • too much vertical disparity
  • (evidently, too much [anything])

Got more? Share your secrets in the comments below.


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DDB said...

Chemical Engineering:

"ternary phase equilibrium"

"minimization of the Gibbs Free Energy"