27 June 2011

New tools for entrepreneurs who make (real, tangible) things (out of atoms)

Hello -

Websites. Mobile. Deal-aggregators. Game layers on life. Blah, blah, blah. What if you want to create and sell a product made of stuff or light?

Entrepreneurs getting into the hardware game have a few tools in 2011 that make it easier than it was, say, in 2005:

  • GrabCAD turns mechanical concepts from napkin sketches (or better) into professionally designed-and-reviewed mechanical drawings for prototype. [note: I haven’t tried ‘em]
  • Optics for Hire turns your optical wish into a prototyped reality. LED light-shaping? Medical device? Zoom lens? Done. They do the optical design, and if you want, the mechanical design. And the electronics. [note: I work for Optics for Hire, but I wouldn’t if I didn’t believe in it]
  • KiCAD is open-source schematic capture.
  • Many firms offer rapid protoyping “personal factories” – AlphaPrototypes, Ponoko, QuickParts, just Google it.

How do you market-test your idea, make a logo, and launch a website? 4-Hour Workweek has some ideas:

  • Goodle AdWords, which is wildly useful
  • Shopify – instant e-commerce websites
  • 99designs.com – logos, websites, and other designed-stuff from a crowd of artists hoping to get your dollars
  • Elance.com – outsource artwork, copywriting, and coding
  • ODesk – even more outsourcing: code, writing, engineering, design

What would you add?


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Anonymous said...

i would definatly add Peopleperhour.com and 99designs.com to the freelance sites.