08 November 2011

How to fix " Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because... "

Note to self (and anyone else searching for help) -


I run a Lenovo T400 ThinkPad with Windows 7 Professional. I have been using Acronis to perform image and file backups. Following a hard drive crash (of a 500 MB Western Digital drive), I put in a brand new 500 MB Western Digital drive and managed to do an image restore and file restore.

After slogging through various bugs (which I am too bleary-eyed to recall), I kept hitting two vexing problems:

1. Windows wouldn't update. I'd get an error message saying that "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the update service is not running," and
2. From time to time, Windows was convinced that somehow I wasn't running an authentic version of windows, even though the "it's authentic!" seal appeared in My Computer: Properties.

What worked?

which suggested I go to this particular-language HP driver site to download something called "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" to fix an issue with users of Western Digital Drives: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c02219204&lc=en&cc=uk&destPage=document&dlc=en&product=

What didn't work (or, rather, what didn't seem to help)?

  • Rebooting
  • Installing a ton of Lenovo ThinkVantage updates (actually this seemed only to cause a new problem related to an ATI video driver)
  • Turning off the update service, deleting the contents of a particular Windows folder, and restarting the update service
  • Generally freaking out at 11 pm
Anyway, I hope Google finds this post so that more Western Digital / Acronis customers find the solution.



William Sillas said...

Thank you sooo much for this helpful tip, You saved me a ton of aggrevation :) I was working on a ASUS notebook and I replaced the crashed H/D with a WD instead of a Seagate.... Anyhow, tried everything out there and came across your blog. YOU ROCK BRO! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

macpo said...

Thanks!! saved me man!!

Steve Hahn said...

This was the one for me too. Already had tried everything else on your list.


Eric C - Seattle WA said...

Awesome. Tried the other 47 (or was it 48) fixed on the internet before I found this one. Well, I saw reference to this fix but not the link to get the driver. Installed it and it worked like a charm. Best part was I was on the phone with ASUS customer care when I found the solution - they told me to try reinstalling from a fresh image again (didn't work the first time!). But, this is the real solution. Thanks!

Allister said...

Just a thanks ... I have spent far too many hours on this frustration ... reinstalls and clean installs ... misguided advice even from well established vendor sources ... and knew it had to be something like this ... just damned hard to find it. Thanks for putting this page up ... I was just about ready to do the full slow-boat update by update process to find the offender ... and your advice nailed it. Many thanks.

JerDweez said...

Dang! Thanks 1,000,000!! was pulling what is left of my hair out for about a week after changing my fujitsu N7010 notebook hard drive to a western digital 500gb, the link did the trick!! Installed Rapid Storage Technology which updated my HD controller driver and VOILA!! Windows Update is now working perfectly!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're a life saver. I got so frustrated that I sent the computer for repairs under warranty. They could not fix the problem and returned it to me with the issue. Thank you, thank you, thank.

Jayesh said...

Thank you very much. I also replaced bad Segate HD with WD hard drive. I have been dealing with this issue since lase two weeks. As everybody said, I tried all other suggestion. Your solution work like a charm. You are saver. I also been trying to install .net 4.0. But because of this issue it was not working.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, i have the same issue and the solution works. been reinstall system for 2 times. even can't do system restore.

Anonymous said...

Great G-Fav!
Yours worked for me like a miracle also!

I tried many other fixes, but in vain.

For others, my PC info:
DELL Latitude E6500
New HDD: Hitachi 500GB/7200rpm
Win 7 Professional

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your tips, I ran into similar problems and my tech friend could not id why. I searched on internet, and there were thousands of answers and suggestions, i read some, and found yours, since I was also using Acronis and replacing my old
SSD HDD with new Western Digital SATA HDD not long ago, and the probem occured, I decided give it a try, and it works!!! Sometimes you never know who would need this, so I really appreciate your sharing!!


Mike Grant said...

Thanks very much for this post.

I too have a T400 and recently replaced my hard drive.... I didn't clone the old drive; I did a complete new install of Windows 7 and let Lenovo's System Update find the drivers I needed. Natch, I ended up with this mind-croggling Update bug...

The drivers you linked to were a newer version and fixed the problem completely.

Alex Paul said...

I faced the same problem and I got solution from: http://www.microsoftsupportchat.com/blog/post/Error-Code-0xC8000247/