18 December 2011

Last-minute gift ideas for clever 4-6 yr olds


I'll spare you the one-sentence descriptions. Ideas for holiday gifts for the just-past-little ones:

Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot [amazon]
Quirkle [amazon]
Hardy Boys
Rory's Story Cubes [amazon]
Howtoons [amazon]
Alex My Art Spinner [amazon]
a bracelet-making kit
Milan art kits [Milan - click "products" etc]
a visit to Parts and Crafts [Somerville]
Praxinoscope kit [amazon]
Strobotop Lightphase Animator [amazon]
box of assorted, instruction-less Legos
chess board
a visit to a planetarium
Lincoln Logs [amazon]
Playmobil Large pirate ship [$! amazon]

...any other ideas?



speters said...

After you get your gift for your toddler, I found a great gift idea for all your more "mature" loved ones! http://www.givingbetter.org/giving-blog/give-giving-card-holiday-season

I gave one to my mom and she loved it!

Shahana said...

New animated or cartoon movie. New big car toy. I have a 3 years old son, so I am telling you from my experience.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the suggestion.. well was wondering what to get for my nephew since his birthday coming soon. His mom warn me no high end technology gadget =/