18 March 2012

What I’d Like to Be Reading: w/o Mar 12, 2012

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From time to time, I’ll post “WILTBR” – sharing the things which I’ve either studied or marked as something valuable to read when I have the chance. “What I’d like to be reading".

I’ve followed various branches of computational photography and the light field literature for several years, but there are some fundamentals I hadn’t gotten into. There’s a bit of that this week, amongst:

M Grosse, G Wetzstein, A Grundhoefer, and O Bimber, “Coded Aperture Projection,” Transactions on Graphics 29:3 (June 2010) SIGGRAPH 2010. [pdf]

R Horstmeyer, S B Oh, and R Raskar, “View-dependent displays and the space of light fields,” arXiv:1008.0034v1 (“…how light propagates from thin elements into a volume for viewing…” I.e. parallax displays vs holographic displays)

and presumably relatedly:

S B Oh, G Barbastathis, and R Raskar, “Augmenting light field to model wave optics effects,” a work in progress (Apr 6, 2009) [pdf]

T Bishop, S Zanetti, and P Favaro, “Light field superresolution,” ICCP 2009. (can Lytro-like cameras produce imagery of higher resolution than they ought to?) [project]

The publications of Matthias Zwicker [list]

YouTube: “Adobe demos plenoptic lens tech with GPU power” [YouTube]

Doug Lanman suggested that I look at these, when I asked him which papers do a good job of explaining the mechanics of considering light transport in the light field math framework (e.g. "shear, propagate, shear…”)

F Durand, N Holzschuch, C Soler, E Chan, and F Sillion, “A frequency analysis of light transport,” SIGGRAPH 2005. [project]

C-K Liang, Y-C Shih, and H H Chen, “Light field analysis for modeling image formation,” IEEE Trans Image Proc 20(2) (Feb 2011) [pdf]

D Lanman – Ph.D. thesis, “Mask-based light field capture and display,” (2010) [pdf]



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