27 September 2012

What I’m (wishing I had time to be) reading: w/o 23 Sep 2012

Hey optics / displays people:

  1. SeeReal’s paper for ISDH 2012 (hosted at MIT)
    Stephan Reichelt and Norbert Leister, “Computational hologram synthesis and representation on spatial light modulators for real-time 3D holographic imaging,” (ISDH 2012).
  2. I hope to get time to read this:
    Martin S. Banks, Jenny R. Read, Robert S. Allison, and Simon J. Watt, “Stereoscopy and the Human Visual System” (SMPTE 2012?).
  3. There’s an open-source project by entrepreneurs in Australia – the HoloDome – to build a volumetric 3-D display using DMDs at 480 x 320 x 72. http://hackaday.com/2012/09/23/volumetric-display-projects-200-million-voxels-per-second/  (H/T Joseph “Jofish” Kaye)
  4. VERY LARGE DOWNLOAD  - A cool early reference on electronic volumetric display from BYTE (1978) with many details:
    Timothy Walters and William Harris, “Graphics in Depth,” BYTE (May 1978).


ps I updated my personal website; half “pretty” and half ASCII plaintext. Apologies on behalf of iWeb: it doesn’t deal properly with bold text.

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