10 April 2013

What I’m (wishing I had time to be) reading: w/o 7 Apr 2013

Friends, entrepreneurs, optickers -

More neat stuff crossing (or originating at) my desk:

7 Tips for Engineers New to Optics: Imaging Lenses
A quick “7 ideas in 8 minutes” about what information you ought to consider when you are about to call an optical engineering consultancy to design an imaging system. If you are designing a machine vision system with camera, a microscope objective, a rangefinder… a lens is making an image of an object. Check out this bunch of tips: How to specify a custom imaging lens.

Designing an imaging lens? 7 steps to getting a good start

“Toward a compact, full-color holographic printer”
From the SPIE newsroom: http://spie.org/x93537.xml

Find a cofounder at Harvard
with the Harvard Innovation Lab’s tool from CoFoundersLab: “founder Finder

Allocating equity in startups (Joel Spolsky)
Joel on Equity!

Learning ZEMAX
A collection of exercises: http://www.iap.uni-jena.de/teaching-lightBox-1-lectureID-28.html

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