18 June 2013

What I wish I had time to be reading (w/o Jun 16, 2013)

Techie readers,

Here are more interesting items I'd like to be reading:

A Template for 1-page Startup Investor Updates (HT @mkapor)

The Slowest $380 I'll Ever Make
The story of an entrepreneur's attempt to manufacture a reasonable quantity of "QR Clocks."

David Crane: "How I Wrote (Atari 2600) Pitfall"

MIT CSAIL's Wiki on Distributed Robotics

William Gibson & Douglas Coupland: a conversation

Joel Spolsky on: How to Allocate Founders' Equity Fairly

Thoughts on Good, Authentic Pad Thai

"Light Field Approximation Using Basic Display Layer Primitives"
ETH Zurich, Disney Zurich, MIT CSAIL


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